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Power Transmission

In the power transmission industry, it is essential that power plants run optimally and efficiently.  To ensure operations are up to standard, monitoring and testing of equipment, used in the power industry, is vital.  Whether you require direct or barometric pressure measurement, or maintenance of calibration standards,  we carry a variety of calibration and test equipment that will fit your application.  If you require test equipment or calibration services, we can help recommend the option that is best for your needs. 

About the Power Transmission Industry

The power transmission industry is responsible for getting energy from the place where it’s generated to its end destination. This is typically a residential or a commercial property. Power can be obtained from numerous sources, including natural gas, wind energy, solar energy, and more. Regardless of the specific source, power transmission is all about getting energy to where it needs to be used.

As technology advances, the ways in which power is used and transmitted are changing. Electricity is transported across long distances at high voltages, with the main purpose to minimize the loss of electricity when it reaches its destination. The entire network consists of generation facilities, transmission lines, substations, distribution lines, and more. Transmission lines are usually attached to steel poles or towers that are easily recognizable.

Once power has passed through the distribution substations to the distribution lines, it would have covered most of the distance it needs to travel. From there, this power only has a short distance left to go to reach homes and businesses. The electricity that arrives at these destinations would have been converted to a lower voltage as it would not make economic sense otherwise. 

Why the Power Transmission Industry Needs Calibration Products and Services

Within the power transmission industry, there are various testing applications that will require calibration products and services. These include:

  • Keeping on top of power supply signal integrity – Although all power supplies will experience a degree of change from outside influences, they have been designed to prevent a significant degradation in performance. Sensors used in this process require regular calibration to meet quality standards.  We carry Dry-Block testers that have the ability to calibrate these sensors.
  • It is important to measure and monitor temperature and pressure throughout the energy industry.  We carry temperature calibrators that can be used where high temperatures are generated.  We also carry pressure gauges and calibrators for use throughout a power facility.  
  • Pressure gauges, transmitters, valves and sensors used in the power industry all need periodic calibration and maintenance.  We carry deadweight testers, pressure gauges and temperature calibrators that can all be used in the calibration of these field instruments.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

We support most major brands such Ametek, Jofra, Crystal, Wika, Mensor, and more.  If you need help selecting a pressure gauge, temperature or pressure calibration equipment, we can recommend the best product for your application.

 If you need assistance selecting a product or need calibration services, please contact us at toll free 1.866.363.6634 or use the contact us feature at the top of the page.  Our technical customer service team is always available to help you choose the right calibration service type for your test equipment, provide quick quotes and schedule calibration services

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