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Oil and Gas Pipeline

If you operate within the natural gas industry, you are probably responsible for maintaining several oil and gas pipelines. When you are looking to purchase calibration equipment or engage calibration services, our team at Calright Instruments can serve all your needs with full confidence. Feel free to browse the full range of products in our online shop or enquire about our services today!

About the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry

Oil and gas pipelines transport natural gas in liquid form to refineries, gas wells and a variety of other destinations. In some cases, they can also be used to transport distilled petroleum directly to distribution centers. These pipelines also distribute natural gas directly to residential and commercial properties that make use of it. During the process of transportation, oil and natural gas are moved between a few different pipelines, typically from feeder lines to transmission lines.

Pipelines have to be well-maintained in order to minimize any environmental concerns and prevent issues such as rupturing. While pipeline ruptures are not common, they do occur from time to time. Although it may be impossible to prevent this from happening entirely, steps can be taken to significantly reduce the chances. 

In the United States, a large network of pipelines is used to transport water, sewage, biofuels as well as oil and natural gas. The majority of these pipelines are built underground, although there are some above-ground ones. Did you know that the United States has the largest pipeline system in miles of any nation, with Russia and Canada following closely behind?

Why the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry Needs Calibration Products and Services

Below are some reasons oil and gas pipelines require calibration products and services:

  • When natural gas reaches a residential or commercial building and passes through the mains, its pressure has to be reduced to fall under a specific reading.
  • To collect gas from a gas well, it needs to pass through numerous pipelines. Throughout the transportation process, pressure and temperature have to be measured regularly with the use of a pressure calibrator.
  • Once natural gas reaches a distribution center, its flow rate is measured in order to determine its price. This holds both buyer and seller to their contractual obligations.

Why Choose Calright Instruments?

Are you looking to purchase calibration equipment, or do you require test equipment repair and rental services? Regardless of your specific purposes, our team at Calright Instruments can rise to the occasion. Located in San Diego, California, we have been matching our clients with the highest quality equipment since our inception in 2002. You can rest assured that our team members are experienced in industry-related fields, allowing us to provide you with the best customer support experience!

Our team is always ready to help you choose the best solution for your business. Please call us at (619) 329-7814 to get started now.

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