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At Calright Instruments, we are pleased to serve a wide base of clients across numerous industries. Regardless of your specific testing applications, we have calibration equipment, pressure and temperature measurement tools, environmental testing equipment, and many more to suit your needs. Read on to find out more about the industries we serve.

  • Wind Energy

As the largest source of renewable energy in the nation, the harnessing of kinetic energy relies heavily on wind turbines. During the installation process and throughout the lifespan of these wind turbines, calibration tools will help to ensure that the hydraulic systems can run properly. These tools and equipment will also facilitate the calculation of output.

  • Solar Energy

Solar panels harness sunlight and convert that into energy, which is then used to power buildings. Because it is a renewable source of energy, it has gained popularity in recent years, with an increasing number of homes and businesses making the switch. To install a solar panel system efficiently and provide ongoing maintenance throughout its lifespan, the use of calibration equipment is required.

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline

Transporting oil and natural gas to where it needs to be is a multi-step process. Ensuring that each phase can go smoothly will require the constant measuring and monitoring of pressure and temperature. Whether this oil and gas is going to a distribution center, an oil refinery or directly to a commercial or residential building, calibration equipment will ensure that it’s kept in optimal condition as it moves through the various piping systems.

  • Power Transmission

Power transmission is all about transporting energy from its place of generation to where it needs to be used. This can be a residential household, a commercial property, or headquarters where commercial vehicles refuel. A close eye will need to be kept on the voltage as this power goes through different lines before reaching its final destination.

  • Utilities

The utilities industry is concerned with providing end users (commercial and residential clients) with the basic amenities they require to keep a building running. This includes electricity, water, natural gas as well as sewage and trash removal. A number of processes are involved with supplying these utilities, including power transmission and distribution.

  • Natural Gas

Obtaining natural gas from an identified source is a highly precise process. To ensure that everything can go as planned during the process of hydraulic fracturing, pressure conditions will need to be monitored throughout. Once the gas has been obtained and is ready for distribution, measuring its flow will help to determine price and hold involved parties to their contractual obligations.

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Let Calright Instruments be your one-stop shop when you are looking to engage calibration services or purchase the test equipment you require. We offer both rental and purchasing options for new and pre-owned equipment. Feel free to browse our online shop and find what you need today!

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