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Wika CPH6600 Hand-Held Pressure Calibrator with Integrated Pump

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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Recommended Replacement: Crystal Engineering HPC50 (HPC51 / HPC52) Series Intrinsically Safe Pressure Indicator, Up to 15000 PSI

Mensor introduces a revolution in pressure calibration technology for the process industries. With the release of its new CPH6600, technicians will have a small, lightweight handheld calibrator for the process industry, that generates pressures up to 150 psi using a high-performance integral electric pump. 300 psi is possible with a external pump. Performance doesn’t stop with the pump. The CPH6600 provides ± 0.025 % FS accuracy on its internal, isolated pressure sensor. Temperature compensation on its internal sensor ensures accuracy in field applications.The CPH6600 also measures and simulates 4 ... 20 mA loop current signals. It can measure 100 ohm Pt temperature sensors and up to 30 V DC. An internal 24 V DC instrument power supply supplies power to a transmitter under test.

Intuitive Handling
A handful of clearly marked keys provide access to the full functionality of the unit. A switch provides a way to increase or decrease pressure using the internal pump. A knob at the bottom of the calibrator allows precise and rapid adjustment to fine tune the pressure reading.

Powerful Features
An external pressure module connection supports all WIKA pressure modules, allowing even greater ranges. In combination with an external temperature probe, and a mA source and measurment the CPH6600 enables the techniciam to calibrate pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters with one instrument. Additional functions, such as pressure switch testing and the indication of the device under test deviation in percent, increase the user-friendliness of the CPH6600.

  • Integrated pneumatic pump generates pressure to 300 psi and vacuum to -11 psi
  • Uncertainty: 0.025 % (incl. calibration certificate)
  • Source/measure 4 … 20 mA and 24 V loop power to power device under test
  • Pt100 RTD input for temperature measurement, accurate to 0.2 °F (measurement only)
  • Small, rugged compact desig
  • Calibration service companies/service industry
  • Service and maintenance companies
  • Instrument and control workshops
  • Quality assurance
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Name: Wika CPH6600 Hand-Held Pressure Calibrator with Integrated Pump
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Name: Wika CPH6600 Hand-Held Pressure Calibrator with Integrated Pump
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