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Wika CPG1000 Precision Digital Pressure Gauge, Up to 700 Bar/ 10000 PSI

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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Recommended Replacement: Crystal Engineering XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge, Up to 15000 PSI

The WIKA Precision Digital Pressure Gauge CPG1000 takes the concept of an analog test gauge, and brings it to a new level, as only digital calibrators can do. The CPG1000 combines the accuracy of digital technology with the simplicity of an analog gauge, and achieves performance, ease-of-use, and a feature set unmatched in the pressure measurement world.

The WIKA CPG1000 provides an accuracy of 0.05 % of full scale pressure in any one of 16 ranges. The CPG1000 is temperature compensated from 0 ... 50 °C. Readings may be displayed in any one of 19 standard engineering units or in custom units you define, to eliminate tedious conversion calculations.

Reading Sample Rate
The reading sample rate can be user-adjusted to match the type of measurement required. For standard applications you normally use three measured values per second. If required, this rate can also be set to ten measured values per second. A power saving mode allows the CPG1000 to enter a “sleep” mode. This extends battery life up to 2,000 hours.

A MIN/MAX function is provided which instantly recalls the minimum and maximum pressure readings that have been automatically stored by the CPG1000. An auto power shutoff feature may be enabled for a preset time interval to extend battery life. Zero and TARE functions compensate sensor drifts. Password-protected field calibration of the CPG1000 may be initiated through the keypad. A RS-232 port allows pressure reading data to be extracted directly from the gauge for off-line analysis. An optional external 24 V DC power input is available for applications where the CPG1000 will be permanently incorporated into a process line. Damping can be set to integrate readings to accommodate pulsating sources.

  • High accuracy of 0.05 % FS (temperature compensated)
  • 17 standard pressure ranges available
  • Displays up to 19 standard or 1 custom engineering unit
  • Large, easily-read display with selectable backlighting
  • Rugged stainless steel case meets NEMA 4/IP65
  • Calibration service companies/service industry
  • Instrument and control workshops
  • Industry (laboratories, workshops und production)
  • Quality assurance
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Name: Wika CPG1000 Precision Digital Pressure Gauge, Up to 700 Bar/ 10000 PSI
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Name: Wika CPG1000 Precision Digital Pressure Gauge, Up to 700 Bar/ 10000 PSI
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