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Shimpo ST-1100 Compact LED Stroboscope, 60 to 40,000 FPM/RPM

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The Shimpo Series ST-1100 is a Stroboscope with LED flash technology.

This velocity analyzing and measuring device is ideal for rotational machine inspection. The stroboscope is capable of flashing the light in a synchronous frequency to the operating machinery, creating the illusion of viewing stopped or slowed images. Utilizing this phenomenon of slowing or stopping the motion with the adjusted rate of the ST-1100’s flashing light, machine parts and processes may be inspected for defects. Plus, the rotational speed of the machinery and systems may be recorded for further performance analysis.

The ST-1100 is adjustable in either coarse or fine step flash-rate tuning. The backlit display shows the current flash rate, 10 user-stored pre-set flash rates, as well as a low battery warning. The backlit feature can be switched off to save battery life if desired. The ergonomic, hand held device is made of sturdy ABS plastic and comes with batteries and protective carrying case. The LED technology extends operation due to the low energy requirement of the light diodes compared with xenon stroboscopes. Typical applications for using the ST-1100 is to inspect rotors, meshing gears, vibration diagnostic equipment, textile equipment, printing production lines, power tools, belt timing, fan balancing and many more.

  • Power/Stored Rate Retrieval Button
  • Flash Rate Value Increase Button
  • Flash Rate Value Decrease Button
  • Coarse/Fine Tuning Button
  • Flash Rate Storage Button – 10 user defined flash rates for later retrieval
Model ST-1100
Range 60-40,000 Flash Rate Per Minute (RPM)
Accuracy +/-0.05% FS
Lux Rating 950 Lux @ 3000 FPM & 3.9 in (10 cm), 600 Lux @ 3000 FPM & 7.9 (20 cm),
370 Lux @ 3000 FPM & 11.8 (30 cm)
Display 5 digits with backlight
Resolution <40,000: 1 RPM; <4000: 0.1 RPM; <400: 0.01 RPM
Rate Storage 10 stored user-defined flash rates.
Factory Defaults: (RPM): 200, 400, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 10000, 20000, 30000, 40000.
Power Supply 4 x 3.7V (14500) AA Lithium ion rechargeable batteries
Battery Life Approximately 20 hrs.
Housing ABS Plastic
Dimensions 7.7 x 2.9 x 1.5″ (195 x 73 x 38 mm)
Product Weight Approx. 7.8 oz. (220 g)
Package Weight Approx. 2.1 lb (952 g)
Warranty 1 Year
Included Accessories Case, 4 Lithium Batteries, Battery Charger
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Name: Shimpo ST-1100 Compact LED Stroboscope, 60 to 40,000 FPM/RPM
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $225.00
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Name: Shimpo ST-1100 Compact LED Stroboscope, 60 to 40,000 FPM/RPM
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $225.00

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