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Picotest J2130A DC Bias Injector

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When using the network analyzer to measure impedance, such as the capacitance and ESR or a capacitor, or the DCR of an inductor, etc., it is often necessary to provide a voltage bias to the device being tested. This is true of semiconductor junction capacitances, varactors, and some ceramic capacitors (especially X5R). In these cases the impedance is a function of the DC bias on the device. The Picotest DC bias injector (J2130A) is used for this purpose during impedance measurements.

  • 10Hz-10MHz usable bandwidth Low loss design
  • Easily measure varactors, junction capacitance
  • Measure X5R capacitor voltage sensitivity
  • Bias low power transistor amplifiers and diodes for parameter extraction
Characteristic Typical
Maximum DC Bias 50VDC
Bias Resistance 10kOhms
Maximum Bias Current 5mA
Frequency Response 15Hz ~ 40MHz
Temperature Range 0 ~ 50°C
Maximum Altitude 6000Ft
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Name: Picotest J2130A DC Bias Injector
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Name: Picotest J2130A DC Bias Injector
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