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Mountz Micro Torque Screwdriver

condition: Brand NewPart #: MT-MTAvailability: Out of StockInfo Message: DISCONTINUED ITEM
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DISCONTINUED ITEM-Available Models: Torque Screwdrivers

The Micro Torque Screwdriver is an externally adjustable tool that offers different setting options for applications that require more than one torque value. The adjustable screwdriver does feature an external adjustment scale.

  • The “positive” locking system prevents incidental torque adjustment.
  • The screwdriver “slips free” once the set torque has been reached making over-tightening impossible.
  • Adjustment ring disengages to prevent incidental torque adjustment.
  • Precision radial ball clutch and cam allows for automatic resetting.
  • Micrometer adjustment allows for accurate tool setting.
  • Color coded adjustment ring allow for differentiation of models.
  • Removable T-bar on larger models provides extra leverage. Note – does not affect torque setting accuracy.
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