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Kikusui PLZ164W Multifunctional DC Electronic Load (1.5-150V, 33A, 165W)

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The PLZ-4W Series Electronic Load unit is a multifunctional system designed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety with operation function of constant voltage, constant current, constant power and constant resistance mode. And its control unit comes with GPIB, RS232C and USB as standard equipment.

A 0(Zero)V input operating voltage is available for the PLZ164WA, which is suitable to meet the testing demands for the Fuel Cell, DC/DC converter, SW Power Supply, and any other devices required for the lower operating voltage application. Model PLZ164WA offers the 33AA at 0V input.

Furthermore, the PLZ-4W features high speed slew rate when switching, it can be used as simulating load for the characteristic, performance, life cycle, aging test in the field of application in Automobile electronics, SW Power Supply manufacturer, Secondary Battery.

-High-speed response and variable slew-rate
With PLZ-4W series, a faster response of rise/fall time as calculated conversion value with 10 µs is made possible, enabling a transient response test for the direct current and accurate reproduction of a simulation waveform as a dummy load. In addition, it also can be set with a slew rate (A/µs ). As for the setting value, it can be varied continuously, and be possible to optimize transient control for voltage drops due to wiring inductance, constant-voltage power supply, etc., when the load current is switched on.
-0(Zero)V input
The 164WA of PLZ-4W series permit a load input up to the rated current even when the Input Voltage is set for 0(Zero)V.
-Sequence function
Sequence patterns set as you requested can be saved in the built-in memory. In the sequence program, 10 normal sequences and 1 first sequence can be saved. 256 steps of normal sequences, and 1024 steps of the first sequence can be saved in each program.
-Convenient function for discharging test of cells
The PLZ4W can measure the time from load-on to load-off. When combined with under voltage protection (UVP) function, the time from when the battery discharge is started until the battery voltage falls to the cutoff voltage can be measured. Also, you can set the timer so it will load-off automatically after a specified time elapses from load-on mode. Once this timer is set, the input voltage value immediately before load-off is displayed, so it is possible to measure the closed circuit voltage after a specified time elapses from the start of discharging battery.
-Parallel operation
Under parallel operation, the same model can be parallel connected to a maximum of 5 units when booster unit is not used. (Max. 5kW, 1000A)
-Various Functions
The PLZ-4W Series has equipped with all the same functions of its former type of the PLZ-3W Series, such as the Soft-start Function, Lock Function, Short Function, ABC Memory Function, Set-up Memory Function, Switching Functions, etc.
-GPIB, RS-232C, USB as standard equipment

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Name: Kikusui PLZ164W Multifunctional DC Electronic Load (1.5-150V, 33A, 165W)
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Name: Kikusui PLZ164W Multifunctional DC Electronic Load (1.5-150V, 33A, 165W)
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