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Kikusui KJM6765 Time Interval DVD/ CD Jitter Meter

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The KJM6765 employs the time interval method for measuring jitter in CD players as well as in DVD players, based on principles successfully used in the KJM6755A. The frequency response characteristics of the symmetry follow-up circuit, PLL clock regeneration circuit, and equalizer circuit in the DVD mode comply with the DVD Book, while those of the symmetry follow-up circuit and PLL clock regeneration circuit in the CD mode adhere to the Compact Disc Reference Measuring Methods Specification Guideline Ver. 1.0, May 1999. Moreover, the KJM6765 has an INHIBIT INPUT terminal, enabling it to measure jitter during track jumps or with the index part of the DVD or CD masked.

With the advent of multi-disc players, standardization of the measurement principle for jitter in CD players and DVD players contributes to productivity improvements and reduction in equipment costs. And above all else, it ensures the reliability of measurement results.

  • Enables time-interval-based measurement of jitter in DVD/CD players
  • Supports a clock frequency of 4.1 MHz to 60 MHz
  • Equipped with an INHIBIT INPUT terminal as standard
  • Incorporates a memory (4 addresses) for presetting the panel settings
  • An I/O port has been added for handshaking with an external evaluation unit or jigs
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Name: Kikusui KJM6765 Time Interval DVD/ CD Jitter Meter
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Name: Kikusui KJM6765 Time Interval DVD/ CD Jitter Meter
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