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Horiba IT-550 Series IR Non-Contact Thermometers, -50 to 500°C

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DISCONTINUED ITEM: Replacement Models Available: Infrared Non-Contact Thermometers

The HORIBA IT-550 Series non-contact thermometers are equipped with a twin-beam marker. Choose from one of three models for an ideal match to your temperature measurement application! IT-550F is designed for field use, the IT-550L is for laboratory use, and the IT-550S is for making spot measurements.

  • The twin laser sight for the IT-500 Series non-contact thermometers allows the user to see that the thermometer is focused on the target.
  • The Models IT-550F and IT-550L have a target area of Ø 24 and a range of 1000 mm. The maximum target and range of these models is Ø 80/2000mm.
  • The IT-550S has a measurement spot size of Ø 2.5mm and a range of 73mm.
  • The IT-550 Series thermometers are splash-resistant. The thermometers can be safely used with wet hands, humid environments and rain. IECIP54 rating (splash resistant): no adverse effects resulting from exposure to splashed water from any direction.
  • The IT-550 Series thermometers are equipped with a data hold function, and have both digital and analog outputs for connection to computers and printers for flexible data manipulation and output.
  • Data printout is possible by connecting the expansion kit to the IT-550F model.
  • The IT-550L and IT-550S units have an analog output that can be used to record data on a data logger or to process data using a personal computer. The expansion kit is sold separately.


Spectral response:

8 to16 µm

Measurement temp.range:

-50 to 500 °C

Display range (resolution):

IT-550F: -55.0 to 505.0°C(0.1°C)
IT-550L/S: -55.0 to 505.0°C(1°C) or -55.0 to 505.0°C (0.1°C)


IT-550F: -50.0 to -0.1°C within ±10% of 2C reading;    0.0 to 200.0°C within ±2°C of reading; 200.0 to 500.0°C within ±1% of reading; Environmental conditions; case temperature 18 to 28°C, relative humidity 55%, ε=1.00

IT-550L/S: -50.0 to -0.1°C within ±10% of reading 2°C; 0.0 to 200°C within ±2 °C of reading;  200.0 to 500.0°C within ±1% of reading°C; Environmental conditions: case temperature 18 to 28 °C, relative humidity 55%, ε=1.00


IT-550F: Within ±1°C (0-50.0 to -0.1°C); Within ±0.5°C(0.0 to 500°C)
IT-550L/S: 0.1°C display resolution within ±1°C(-50.0 to -0.1°C) within ±0.5°C (0.0-500°C); 1°C display resolution within ±2°C(-50.0 to -0.1°C) within ±2°C (0.0-500°C)

Response time:

IT-550F: 1.6 sec. or less (95%)
IT-550L/S: 0.7 sec. or less (95%) 1°C display resolution: 1.6 sec. or less (95%) 0.1°C display resolution

Target size:

IT-550F/L: φ24/1000 mm
IT-550S: φ2.5/73 mm

Emissivity setting:

0.10 to 1.00 in 0.01 increments


2 beam laser sight (Class 2)

Splash/dust resistance:

IP54 and IEC529

Operating temp., humidity:

0 to 40°C, relative humidity 35 to 85%, no condensation


One 9 V dry battery (6F22 or 6LR61), or AC adapter power

Battery life:

20 continuous hours using alkaline battery


200(L) x 47(W) x 48(H)mm 280g(battery included)


IT-550F: Data memory (130 points), printer output, RS-232C, auto off, screw hole for camera tripod, upper/lower temperature alarm.
IT-550L/S: Analog output (0 to 1V), RS-232C, upper/lower temperature alarm, auto off, screw hole for camera tripod.


-20 to 55°C; dry conditions

Standard accessories:

Instruction manual, Carrying case, hand strap, battery, opener for the battery lid.

Note: Use of analog output, printer output, RS- 232C, and the AC adapter requires the expansion kit option (sold separately).

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