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Hioki 9333 LAN Communicator Software

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Remote Control via LAN MEMORY HiCORDERs and PC Communications.

Application program collects data over Ethernet and analyzes the data in a Windows environment. The LAN COMMUNICATOR 9333 is a PC program that allows measurement data to be quickly transferred through remote control commands issued over a LAN between MEMORY HiCORDERs and PCs. The screen of the MEMORY HiCORDER can be displayed in near real time on the PC, for convenient monitoring during measurement. Remote measurement and monitoring has never been easier! Using the MEMORY HiCORDER as the data collection tool, waveform data can also be transferred to the PC via the high-speed LAN connection.

Supported Units Model 8826 (9333 ver.2.30 or later)
Model 8835-01*1 (9333 ver.1.10 or later, the 8835-01 High performance model: ver.5.10 or later)
*1 Not compatible for the Model 8835
Model 8870-20, 8855, 8847, 8842, 8841, 8840, 8835-01, 8835, 8826, 8825, 8808-01, 8807-01, 8808-51, 8807-51 (excluding harmonic analysis function) Model MR8741/8740 (9335 Ver1.24 or later), 8731-10, 8730-10, 8720, 8715-01, 8714-01
Operating Environment Computer running under Windows 8/7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32-bit), XP, 2000
Functions Display functions:
Remote control applications:
 Remote control of MEMORY HiCORDER (by sending key codes and receiving images on screen), print reports, print images from the screen, receive waveform data in same format as waveform files from the HiCORDER (binary only),
Waveform data acquisition applications: Accept auto-saves from the MEMORY HiCORDER, same format as auto-save files of MEMORY HiCORDER (binary only), print automatically with a MEMORY HiCORDER from a PC. The MEMORY HiCORDER’s print key launches printouts on the PC
Waveform viewer: Simple display of waveform files, convert to CSV format
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