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Hioki 7016 Digital Multimeter/ Signal Generator

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The 7016 SIGNAL SOURCE incorporates high-performance DMM functions into a handy signal generator to provide a convenient, multi-function calibrator at a low price. In addition to generating constant voltage and constant current, it generates pulse signals such as the voltage pulses used for calibrating flow meters and similar devices. Along with its many signal generator functions, the substantial stand-alone DMM measurement functions of Model 7016 include AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency and temperature, and continuity checking. Moreover, with the optional 3856 Communication Package, measured values can be sent to a PC, which can also control functions such as source voltage settings and measurement range selection. The 7016 gives you multiple functions, high precision and high performance at low cost in an instrument that is suitable for use in the laboratory as well as in the field.

  • Convenient pulse source for calibrating flow meters, as well generation of constant current and constant voltage
  • Bipolar sink/source generation expands test utility
  • High resolution, high accuracy and advanced measurement functions
  • Signal generator and measurement functions can be used simultaneously to measure input/output insulation
DC constant voltage generation ±1.5000V, Accuracy: ±0.03% of setting ±3 dgt.
±15.000V, Accuracy: ±0.03% of setting ±3 dgt.
DC constant current generation ±25.000mA, Accuracy: ±0.03% of setting ±5dgt.
Pulse generation 0.5 to 4800Hz, Accuracy: ±0.005% of setting ±0.01 Hz
Measurement functions DC voltage, AC voltage, AC+DC voltage, DC current, AC current, AC+DC current, Resistance, Diode test, Continuity test, Temperature, Frequency, Duty ratio, Pulse width
Voltage measurement DC voltage, AC voltage, AC+DC voltage, 1 ms peak-hold voltage: ±51.000mV to ±250.00V, 5 ranges, (Represented DC V accuracy: ±0.03% rdg. ±5 dgt.)
Current measurement DC current, AC current, AC+DC current, 1 ms peak-hold current: ±51.000mA to ±510.00mA, 2 ranges, (Represented DC A accuracy: ±0.03% rdg. ±5 dgt.)
Resistance measurement 510.00Ω to 51.000MΩ, 6 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±(0.15% rdg. ±5 dgt.)
Power supply LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×8, Ni-MH batteries (bundled with standard) ×8, AC adapter (bundled with standard, SA-141A0F-11)
Dimensions, mass 90mm (3.54in) W × 192mm (7.56in) H × 54mm (2.1 in) D, 735g (25.9oz) (instrument only)
Supplied accessories Carrying case ×1, AC adapter ×1, Ni-MH battery ×8, TEST LEAD ×1 set (for measurement), Test lead ×1 set (for generation), Yellow test lead ×1 (include 15V ZD), Instruction manual ×1, Operating guide ×1
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Name: Hioki 7016 Digital Multimeter/ Signal Generator
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Name: Hioki 7016 Digital Multimeter/ Signal Generator
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