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Hioki 3540 DC Milliohm HiTester

Part #: HI-3540Info Message: DISCONTINUED ITEM
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DISCONTINUED ITEM- Replacement Model: Hioki RM3544 Resistance Meter

The mΩ HiTESTER 3540 is a high performance low resistance tester that includes a comparator function essential for component sorting, fast 16-times-per-second sampling, temperature compensation and autoranging, and a choice of interfaces to meet your measurement needs. The standard 3540 is the economical version without external control interfaces, making it the no-fuss solution for manual testing. For more advanced system integration capabilities, select Model 3540-01 for a built-in BCD output interface providing for external control, Model 3540-02 to output measurement results to a printer, and Model 3540-03 to add PC compatibility via a built-in RS-232C interface.

  • Comparator function stores up to seven tables
  • Dual comparator modes: Hi-Lo compares upper and lower limits, and REF-% compares a range and standard value
  • Fast response of about 100 ms (measuring pure resistance: actual response depends on material under test)
  • Temperature compensation function measures temperature and calculates value relative to copper at 20˚C/68˚F
  • 4-terminal method eliminates the effects of leads and contact resistance
  • Auto-ranging function
  • Dual power system: batteries or AC adapter
  • BCD, printer interface and RS-232C interface options in -01, -02 and -03 suffix versions, respectively
Measurement Ranges and Accuracy 30 mΩ to 30 k-Ohm, 7 ranges, 3500 full digits
±0.1 % rdg. ±6 dgt. (30 mΩ, 3 Ohm range)
±0.1 % rdg. ±4 dgt. (300 mΩ, 30 Ohm to 30 k-Ohm range)
Measurement Current 100 mA (30 mΩ, 300 mΩ range) to 10 µA (3 k-Ohm, 30 k-Ohm range)
Max. Applied Measurement Voltage 3.5 mV DC (30 mΩ range) to 350 mV DC (30 k-Ohm range)
Sampling Speed 16 times/second (fast mode), 4 times/second (slow mode)
Response Time 100 ms (fast mode), 300 ms (slow mode)
Display 3500 full digits, Liquid Crystal Display
Measurement Method Four-terminal measurement
Open-circuit Terminal Voltage 4.0 V Max. (30 mΩ to 30 k-Ohm all ranges)
Digital input/ output

(Models 3540-01, 3540-02, 3540-03)

TTL output BCD, or other inputs/outputs for external control
Comparator Functions Setting: Upper and lower limit, or reference value and % for resistance, Up to 7 tables
Output: 3 levels (Hi, In, Lo), Open-collector, LED display, beep sound
Interface External printer (-02 only), RS-232C (-03 only)
Power Supply LR6 (AA) or R6P (AA) × 6, or 9445-02, -03 AC ADAPTER (9 V, 1.4 A)
Dimensions, mass 215 mm(8.46 in)W × 61 mm(2.4 in)H × 213 mm(8.39 in)D, 900 g (31.7 oz),
1 kg (35.3 oz): -01/-02/-03 model
Supplied  Accessories TEMPERATURE PROBE 9451×1, Fuse×1, Ferrite Clamp×1, External Connector Socket(-01 only), CLIP TYPE LEADS 9287-10×1
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