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Hioki 3194 Motor/Harmonic Tester

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Up to 6 input channels for analysis of inverter motors and high-order harmonics.

  • The 3194 provides Analysis of high-order harmonics up to the 3000th order
  • This makes it Ideal for analyzing and evaluating the performance of inverter motors and for harmonic analysis of household appliances.
  • Comprehensive measurement of power, rotation speed, torque, converter efficiency, and harmonics, all within a single unit
  • Supports Measurements of everything from micro motors for household appliances and OA equipment up to large-size, industrial motors.
  • Supports various applications such as harmonic measurement of equipment power sources and power quality measurment
  • Using a 9603-01 EXTERNAL SIGNAL INPUT UNIT, a torque sensor or strain gauge is directly connected to chA. By inputting the output of a tachometer (analog signal or pulse signal) to chB, a system for measuring torque, rpm, and motor power can be obtained
  • Supplied Accessories: Instruction Manual × 1, Power cord × 1, Connector × 1Note: Main unit 3194 cannot operate alone. A factory option input unit the 9600 to the 9604 must be purchased
Basic Specifications
Measurement Lines Single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire, and three-phase 4-wire systems
Number of Channels Up to 6 channels from input channels 1 to 6, depending on 3194 wiring mode, Up to 3 channels at Harmonic Waveform Analysis mode
Data Output FD, RS-232C or GP-IB interface, Printer
Measurement Range Fundamental frequency 10 Hz to 4.5 kHz
Harmonic Waveform Analysis Functions
Measurement Method PLL locked sampling or external clock sampling method
A/D Resolution 12-bits
Window Type Rectangular (with gap between windows)
Crest Factor 2.5 or less (Voltage and Current)
PLL Source Voltage (U), current (I) or external synchronization of the selected measurement channel
External Synchronization Signal Input to a rear panel control terminal on the 3194 main unit
Input level: 1 V to 10 Vrms (for sine waves)
Division function: 1/1 to 1/255
Measurement Items RMS voltage, RMS current, effective power value, frequency, ±U peak, ±I peak
Harmonic Waveform Measurement Items Harmonic level, Included percentage of harmonic wave, Phase angle of harmonic wave, Total harmonic distortion
Note: Sorts according to decreasing order of analysis, displays up to 50th order
Screen Displays List, bar-graph, vector and waveform displays
Other Functions
Wiring Conversion Δ−Y voltage conversion, Y−Δ voltage conversion
Sort Function Sorts according to decreasing order of analysis, displays up to 50th order
Averaging Function Index average with time constant of 1.5 sec
Power Supply 100/120/200/230 V AC, switched automatically, 50/60 Hz, 150 VA max.
Dimensions, Mass 430 mm (16.93 in) W × 150 mm (5.91 in) H × 370 mm (14.57 in) D, 13 kg (458.6 oz) (with options)
Supplied Accessories Instruction Manual × 1, Power cord × 1, Connector × 1
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Name: Hioki 3194 Motor/Harmonic Tester
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