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Category: Thermal Imaging

FLIR ONE PRO Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for iOS and Android

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The FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera  is perfect for all professionals that need a little help on the job site. Explore the world around you in ways you never thought possible. Simply attach FLIR ONE PRO to your smartphone or tablet and experience a new vision of the world. FLIR ONE PRO offers non-contact spot temperature measurement, patented MSX Technology, and automatic shuttering. Plus, the FLIR ONE PRO App offers thermal panoramas and timelapse.

FLIR ONE PRO™ is a compact thermal imager that detects invisible heat energy, allowing users to “see” and measure subtle changes in temperature. With separate models for Android and iOS devices, FLIR ONE PRO attaches to smartphones and tablets via micro-USB (Android) or a lightning connector (iOS) and displays thermal images on the device’s screen. Powered by Lepton—FLIR’s smallest thermal camera module—FLIR ONE PRO offers valuable solutions, like spotting energy leaks at home, locating a missing pet at night, or seeing in complete darkness. The device also includes a visible CMOS camera, which enables the use of FLIR’s patented MSX® technology.

• MSX™
• Ruggedized Design
• OneFit™ Adjustable Connector
• VividIR™ Advanced Image Processing
• Higher Resolution Thermal Sensor
• Advanced Diagnostics
• One-Touch Reporting
• Enhanced FLIR ONE App

  • Connects to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets equipped with micro USB ports (Android) or lightning connectors (iOS)
  • Measure temperatures on any spot in a scene between -4°F and 248°F (-20° to 120°C).
  • Generates 160 x 120 thermal video resolution
  • Advanced spot measurement detects temperature differences as small as 0.1°C (0.18°F)
  • Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®) enhances thermal image detail
  • Auto shutter eliminates need to manually reset thermal sensor
  • Includes nine different color palettes
  • Record video and still images with common touchscreen gestures
  • Easily share photos and video on popular social media channels
  • Improve energy efficiency by pinpointing heat loss and water leaks
  • Create artistic thermal images using FLIR ONE Panorama™, FLIR ONE TimeLapse™, and FLIR ONE CloseUp™
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Name: FLIR ONE PRO Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for iOS and Android
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Name: FLIR ONE PRO Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for iOS and Android
Quantity: 1
Cart Total: $449.99

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