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Environmental Sensors Y-100 Ethylene Oxide Meter

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Availability: Ships within 1-2 weeks

Environmental Sensors Co.'s Ethylene Oxide Meter is a hand held instrument that measures ethylene oxide concentration in a range of 0-20 ppm and a resolution of 0.1ppm.

The instrument makes it possible to monitor ethylele oxide vapor in air. The insturment has an LCD display giving concentrations in ppm, a low battery indicator, and an audible alarm that can be set at any level from 0-20 ppm..

With the touch of a button, the meter displays STEL (average of every 15 min.), TWA (8 hour average) and Peak.

  • Measuring Range: 0-20 ppm
  • Maximum Overload: 100 ppm
  • Meets OSHA Accuracy Requirements
  • Time Weighted Average (TWA)
  • Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL)
  • Compact, Light Weight, Durable
  • Battery Status LED
  • TWA, STEL and Peak
  • Audible Adjustable Alarm
  • Dimensions: 4.75”H x 2.5”D x 1.5”W
  • Sensor Type : Electrochemical
  • Measuring Range : 0-20 ppm
  • Maximum Overload : 100 ppm
  • Resolution : 0.1 ppm
  • Sensor Life : 2 years
  • Response Time : < 140 sec.
  • Operating Temp : -20 Cº to +50 Cº
  • Relative Humidity Range : 15-90% non-condensing
  • Alarm Audible,: 80 db
  • Dimensions: HxDxW :4.75″x2.5″x1.5″
  • Weight :170 gms
  • Power Source :9-V Alkaline Battery
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Name: Environmental Sensors Y-100 Ethylene Oxide Meter
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Name: Environmental Sensors Y-100 Ethylene Oxide Meter
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