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Crystal Engineering XP3i Calibrated Digital Pressure Gauge, Up to 10000 PSI

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The Crystal Engineering XP3i Digital Pressure Gauge is an ultra rugged, intrinsically safe, digital test gauge with 0.05% of reading accuracy.  ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate is included.

The XP3i with optional DataLoggerXP, is the ultimate field-designed digital pressure gauge that collects, stores, and transfers stored data for post-processing. You can connect an XP3i via a USB-C cable and transfer data to our cloud service, CrystalControlWeb. Alternatively, you can connect wirelessly through our mobile application, CrystalConnect, and then save and upload data to CrystalControlWeb.

Key Features with the optional DataLoggerXP upgrade:

• Collect and store over 200 million data points at a time. Transfer the collected readings to our cloud service, CrystalControlWeb, and then delete the recordings from the gauge (giving you 200 million more data points available).
• Over an entire year of continuous recording time
• Ultra Low Power mode extends the battery life and increases logging possibilities
• Start and stop multiple logging runs from your phone or the gauge.
• Include run tags with your logging runs to identify them at a later time. Some examples include a technician's name, test number, or other procedure details.
• Fast pressure safety valve (PSV) mode
• Download data using a USB connection and a computer or through Bluetooth and the mobile app

Connecting to the CrystalConnect mobile app allows you to:

• Retain intrinsically safe ratings while starting and stopping logging runs in a hazardous environment
• Avoid repeated trips to hard-to-reach or tight locations and control logging runs from a safe area
• Stay in climate-controlled rooms or areas and remotely data log to your XP3i that's mounted outside

Combine with the CrystalControlWeb cloud software (Free)

• Upload data in two ways: from the XP3i connected via a USB cable, or by manually uploading a file saved from CrystalConnect
• Use CrystalControlWeb's organization feature to share and analyze all XP3i data within your company
• Grant users access to your CrystalControlWeb organization
• Create custom graphs of your stored data
• Customize the features and settings of your XP3i
• Export stored data to spreadsheets or secure, tamper-proof pdf files

  • Available to 10,000 psi
  • Includes ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate
  • 0.05% of reading accuracy (twice as accurate as the XP2i)
  • Mil Std enclosure designed for rough field applications
  • Expanded temperature compensation range of -20 to 50°C
  • “Of reading” specs allow for replacement of multiple “of scale” gauges
  • Special pressure modes, like PSV (Pressure Safety Valve)
  • Easy to use – Be an expert within minutes
  • Automatic calibration alerts and reminders.
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Name: Crystal Engineering XP3i Calibrated Digital Pressure Gauge, Up to 10000 PSI
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Name: Crystal Engineering XP3i Calibrated Digital Pressure Gauge, Up to 10000 PSI
Quantity: 1
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