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Compliance West HTT-1 Hipot and Ground Continuity Function Checker

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The HTT-1 was designed to provide a fast, safe and reliable way to verify proper operation of Dielectric Withstand (hipot) and Ground Continuity Testers between calibration cycles. It allows the operator to check the result of the three failure modes encountered in production hipot and ground circuit testing (open ground, high leakage current, and dielectric breakdown) separately or in any combination to verify proper test equipment operation. A passing test can also be simulated.

The test leads allows connection of the HTT-1 to any hipot tester using a standard NEMA 15A receptacle and banana plug return leads to connect to the EUT. The manual contains anticipated results and suggests testing procedures.

The maximum voltage the HTT-1 can test is 2000Vac/2800Vdc, which corresponds with the upper voltage limits of our production line testers, the HT-2000 and HT-2800. While the HTT-1 can be used effecively to verify the function of our HT-5000, HT-10kV and HT-20kV testers, care must be exercised to ensure the voltage output of these testers is below 2000Vac or 2800Vdc when they are being tested by the HTT-1.

Custom configurations for various pass/fail points are available*. Call for price and delivery.

The stock HTT-1 simulates the following failures:

  • Ground Continuity Chassis to Ground (open), and/or
  • High Leakage Line to Ground (short), and/or
  • Dielectric Withstand Failure (Arc View window displays an arc at 750Vac ± 200V).

The HTT-1 can also be set to simulate passing tests:

  • Ground Continuity Chassis to Ground (short), and/or
  • Normal Leakage Line to Ground (open), and /or
  • Dielectric Withstand OK (up to 3000 volts)

Custom Configurations allow you to specify:

  • Ground Continuity Pass and Fail Levels (.1-5 ohms).
  • High Voltage Leakage Limits Pass and Fail (10uA to 5mA at a user-specified voltage).
  • Works with any manufacturer’s Dielectric Withstand or Ground Continuity Tester. The HTT-1 simulates the failures and your tester should return results consistent with the switch settings on the front panel of the HTT-1
  • The HTT-1 is a passive device. No batteries or power is required
  • Verifies proper operation of your equipment in less than a minute
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Simple to operate
  • Saves time
  • Custom configurations available
  • 1 year warranty
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Name: Compliance West HTT-1 Hipot and Ground Continuity Function Checker
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Name: Compliance West HTT-1 Hipot and Ground Continuity Function Checker
Quantity: 1
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