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Agilent/ HP 428B Clip-On DC Milliammeter

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Direct current from 1 milliampere to 10 amperes full scale can be measured without interrupting your measured circuit or producing loading errors. With the 428B Clip-on Milliammeter, cutting wires for insertion of current meters and calculating current from voltage and resistance readings are eliminated. All that is required for fast, accurate readings is to clip around the wire and select the proper current range. The 428B measures current by utilizing a clip-on transducer that converts the magnetic field around the conductor to an ac voltage proportional to dc current. This voltage is detected and displayed as direct current on the 428B's meter. Since there is no direct contact with the circuit being measured, complete dc isolation is assured. The meter responds to dc current only and is therefore not susceptible to common mode currents. However, low frequency currents up to 400 Hz can be measured by connecting an oscilloscope or voltmeter to the convenient front panel output; or this output can be used to drive a strip chart recorder for permanent long term records. For even greater sensitivity, several loops of the measured conductor can be put through the probe, increasing sensitivity by the same factor as the number of turns used.

  • No circuit interruption
  • No circuit loading
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Name: Agilent/ HP 428B Clip-On DC Milliammeter
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Name: Agilent/ HP 428B Clip-On DC Milliammeter
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