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AEMC 1210N (1326.01) Megohmmeter: 500V, 200M Ohm (Hand-cranked, Continuity)

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DISCONTINUED ITEM- Replacement Model: AEMC 6501 (2126.51) Megohmmeter: 500V, 200M Ohm (Hand-cranked, Continuity)

The Model 1210N is a hand-cranked, self-contained, compact True Megohmmeter®. This dependable and practical instrument is created for field service applications and a broad range of plants.

The simple hand-cranked operation gives a rectified, steady DC voltage output throughout the overall range for consistently reliable readings. Additionally, the Model 1210N also allows continuity testing to 100Ω and resistance testing to 500kΩ. The 600V test voltage range is conducting safety checks in order to verify that the sample isn’t in connection with an energized circuit and is fully discharged.

  • True Megohmmeter®
  • Test voltages to 500V
  • Insulation measurements to 200MΩ
  • LED indicates constant voltage output and proper cranked speed
  • Automatic discharge when measurement is finished
  • Auto-Ranging – dual scale operation for better sensitivity and easier reading
  • Designed for harsh environments: marine, mining, heavy-duty field, industrial and military use
  • Extra rugged cast aluminum case, O-ring sealed against rain, water and dust; aluminum lid
  • Compact, self-contained package; folded crank
  • Large direct-reading scale
  • CE Mark
  • Acceptance testing and preventive maintenance
  • Test motors, cables, switchgears and electrical wiring installations
  • Continuity checks
  • Check domestic and industrial contracting
  • Test Voltage : 500V 0.5 to 5.5MΩ;
  • (Auto-Ranging) : 5.5 to 200MΩ
  • Short Circuit Current : 5mA (max)
  • Accuracy : 2.5% of Full Scale Length
  • Automatic Discharge : 5s/μF
  • Charging Time : 0.5s/μF
  • Measurement Range : 0 to 45kΩ
  • (Auto-Ranging) : 45 to 500kΩ
  • DC Test Current : 1mA constant current
  • Accuracy : 2.5% of Full Scale
  • Charging Time : 0.5s/μF
  • Discharging Time (Auto) : 5s/μF
  • Scale : Direct reading on all ranges; 3″ (76mm), black on white
  • Test Voltage Indicator : Amber LED indicates proper test voltage and crank speed
  • Auto-Range Indicator : Red LED indicates Auto-Range; multiply MΩ, kΩ and Ω readings x 10
  • Dielectric Test : 2000V, 50/60Hz, between (–), (+) and ground terminals
  • Meter Movement : Rugged taut band suspension
  • Dimensions : 4.7 x 4.7 x 5.1″ (120 x 120 x 130mm)
  • Weight : 3.3 lbs (1.5kg)
  • Case : Cast aluminum alloy case and lid painted safety-yellow, with heavy duty gray polycarbonate front panel;O-ring sealed against water and dust; folding crank
  • Terminals : Guard “+” Line (red); “-” earth (black); and ground; accept standard 4mm banana plugs
  • Safety Rating : EN 61010-1, 600V, Cat. II; 1000V, Cat. I
  • Double Insulation : Yes
  • CE Mark : Yes
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Name: AEMC 1210N (1326.01) Megohmmeter: 500V, 200M Ohm (Hand-cranked, Continuity)
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Name: AEMC 1210N (1326.01) Megohmmeter: 500V, 200M Ohm (Hand-cranked, Continuity)
Quantity: 1
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