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3nh TS7700 Grating Spectrophotometer

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The TS7700 is a grating spectrophotometer that 3nh company has taken up 3 years to create and is made by 3nh independent intellectual property rights. The instrument uses 1000 line precision blazed grating as the spectroscopic element, the silicon photocell array with a huge photosensitive area as the detector, the full spectrum led with high life as the source of light, and the optical resolution is below 10nm in the visible range of light.

In accordance with the condition of d/8 geometric optical illumination that was recommended by CIE, TS7700 grating spectrophotometer can measure accurately the SCE and SCI fluorescent samples/reflectance data of samples, and can also measure accurately and express many color indexes and color difference formulas in different color spaces. With spectrophotometer TS7700, it can simply notice the accurate color transmission and also can be utilized as the accurate color matching system’s detection equipment.

Moreover, Spectrophotometer TS7700 is broadly utilized in the color quality control of different products. TS7700 comes with high-end color management software, that’s connected to the computer to notice more function expansion. The instrument holds powerful functions, accurate color measurements, and stable performance. It’s broadly utilized in food and cosmetics industries, medical treatment, automobile, printing paper, textile printing and dyeing, coating and paint, plastic electronics, and especially scientific research institutions and laboratories etc.

  • D/ 8 geometric optical structure, conforming to CIE No.15, GB / T 3978, GB 2893, GB / T 18833, iso7724 / 1, ASTM e1164, din5033 teil7;
  • Adopt combined LED light source with high life and low power consumption, including UV / excluding UV;
  • Switch 8mm & 4mm aperture( the flat/ tip measuring aperture can be switched easily, which is suitable for more tested sample)
  • Dual optical path system, the optical resolution in the visible range is less than 10nm, which can measure the SCI and SCE spectrum of the sample at the same time;
  • Accurate spectrum and lab data, used for color matching and accurate color transmission;
  • High hardware configuration: 3.5-inch TFT true color screen, capacitive touch screen, 1000 line blazed grating, silicon photocell array detector with large photosensitive area, etc;
  • USB / Bluetooth dual communication mode, wider adaptability;
  • Super dirt resistant and stable standard white calibration board;
  • Large capacity storage space, which can store more than 30000 pieces of test data
  • 2/10 standard observer’s angle, multiple light source modes, multiple surface color systems, meet various standards of chromaticity indicators, and the needs of various customers for color measurement;
  • Camera locating position and Stabilizer cross measurement position;
  • PC software has powerful function expansion;
  • Includes Power Adapter, User Guide, PC Software(Download from office website), USB cable, White and Black Calibration Cavity, Protective Cover, Wrist strap, 8mm flat aperture, 8mm tip aperture, 4mm flat aperture, 4mm tip aperture
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Name: 3nh TS7700 Grating Spectrophotometer
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Name: 3nh TS7700 Grating Spectrophotometer
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