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Center & Drive Pin Punches

Center & Drive Pin Punches

Center and drive pin punches are crucial tools in various industries for their precision and versatility. Made from hard metal rods, these tools have a pointed tip on one end and a dulled end on the other, used with hammers or chisels to cut, shape, drill, and transfer patterns on materials. They are specifically designed for tasks like removing damaged pins, bolts, and rivets, and making indentations for drilling tasks​​.

About Our Center & Drive Pin Punches

At Calright Instruments, our selection of center and drive pin punches includes:

  • Center Punches: Heavier than prick punches, with a point ground to an angle of 60º, these are ideal for creating large indentations for drilling activities in metalworks​​.
  • Drive Punches: These have a flat face and are used to remove damaged rivets, bolts, and pins. The width of the punch’s face determines its type, and they are available in both tapered and straight shank (pin or drift punch) designs​​.
  • Pin Punches: With a straight shank, pin punches are used to finish the removal of pins or bolts from holes, driving them out entirely, a task that cannot be completed by drive punches alone​​.

Why Get Center & Drive Pin Punches from Calright Instruments?

Our comprehensive range of services, including purchase, rental, or lease options, along with our in-house laboratory for calibration services, makes us a one-stop solution for all your tool and equipment needs. When you choose Calright Instruments for your center and drive pin punches, you’re also choosing quality, expertise, and comprehensive service.

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