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Power Quality

Power Quality

Keeping your power clean and consistent is crucial for electrical systems to run smoothly. Knowing this in mind, Calright Instruments has got you covered with our selection of power quality meters. These specialized tools give you a detailed look at what’s really going on with your power.

About Our Power Quality Measurement Instruments

Our power quality meters come in all shapes and sizes – portable handhelds, clamp-on models for measuring conductors, and benchtop units for more heavy-duty testing needs. No matter which one you choose, you can rely on accurate readings of voltage, current, power, power factor, and more.

But that is just the start. These meters really shine when it comes to advanced analysis like demand studies, harmonics breakdowns, and evaluating single or three-phase power setups. We make sure our meters can handle even your most unique power monitoring requirements.

Technology takes center stage in our power quality meter design. Cutting-edge processors give you lightning-fast data processing and storage capabilities. Toss in PC interfaces, memory card slots, and user-friendly software, and you have a powerful toolkit for capturing and deeply analyzing power data.

Why Get Power Quality Instruments from Calright Instruments?

At Calright Instruments, we go the extra mile to bring you innovative solutions that simply outclass the competition. We take the time to really understand your power quality needs to recommend the perfect meter fit. And you can bet we only work with the top brands to deliver genuine, factory-certified quality that meets the highest standards.

To learn more about our power quality meter solution, feel free to contact us today.

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