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Power Quality

Power Quality

We carry a full range of portable, clamp-on, and benchtop Power Quality Meters for power measurement applications such as energy audits, ISO14001 testing, AC Power Quality evaluation, harmonics diagnosis, motor/generator installation, and analysis of single and 3-phase/3-wire or 3-phase/4-wire systems.

In addition to measuring standard parameters such as voltage, current, power, power factor, and integrated values, we feature a selection of power quality meters that can simultaneously perform demand measurements required for carrying out power management and energy-saving measures, as well as harmonic measurements.

The newer generation of power quality testers feature advanced processing speeds and data management. PC card storage, RS-232C interfaces, and Windows compatible software make it possible to capture the power of just a few cycles. Dips, swells, interruptions, flickers, transients, inrush current, harmonics to the 50th order, and high frequency transient over-voltages are displayed in detail making it ideal for users who want to monitor, measure, and record energy-saving management activities and measures.

If you need assistance selecting a power quality analyzer for your power measuring application please contact us at toll free 1.866.363.6634 or email us at [email protected].

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