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At Calright Instruments, precision meets excellence in our exclusive Keithley accessories collection. Keithley Instruments, part of Tektronix, is known for its top-notch electronic test tools. These include source measure units (SMUs), data-gathering systems, and signal creators. Keithley has been a big name for over 75 years, leading in high-precision tests, measurements, and studies. Elevate your measurement capabilities with our meticulously curated range of Keithley accessories, designed to enhance the performance and functionality of your instruments.

About Our Keithley Accessories

Calright Instruments proudly presents our comprehensive Keithley accessories collection, designed to elevate your measurement precision and versatility. Elevate your instrumentation experience with cutting-edge tools designed for accuracy and reliability. Among the highlights is the Keithley 2015 total harmonic distortion multimeter, ensuring precise distortion measurements. Experience advanced power supply capabilities with the Keithley 2303 fast transient response power supply and versatility in battery charging/simulation with the Keithley 2306 Dual-Ch. Calright Instruments ensures unmatched accuracy and reliability in every Keithley accessory, delivering optimal performance for your instrumentation needs.

Why Get Keithley Accessories from Calright Instruments?

Choosing us for Keithley tools gives you top testing solutions and our full support. Our experts are here to help before and after you buy, making sure you have the right tools for your tests.  We understand that your project needs can vary, so we offer a variety of ways to obtain equipment, lease equipment from us, and additional rental options. This adds up to an unbeatable collection of options that let you manage your resources effectively no matter what the situation, and completely adapt to any new technological developments.

To find out more about our Keithley accessories, feel free to contact us today.

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