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Offering a wide variety of FLIR thermal imaging and measuring equipment at Calright Instruments, our range of assortment is made to cater to the professionals of a variety of sectors, so you can operate with accuracy, dependability, and efficiency.

About Our FLIR Collection

The most recent thermal imaging and measuring technologies are available in our FLIR collection, ranging from the sophisticated E5XT Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, to the Bluetooth-enabled CM275 Imaging Clamp Meter. These instruments are designed with precision and longevity in mind, including functionalities such as data logging, thermal imaging, and networking to augment your diagnostic proficiencies. In addition, we have the necessary add-ons including aluminum and stainless steel IRW Inspection Windows.

Why Get FLIR Accessories from Calright Instruments?

Selecting FLIR accessories from Calright Instruments is an investment in dependability and high caliber. We take great effort in choosing our goods to make sure they live up to the high standards that professionals demand. Our skilled staff, who have years of expertise in the test and measurement sector, are available to offer professional guidance and assistance, assisting you in locating the appropriate instruments for your particular needs. 

Our after-sales service ensures you get the most out of your FLIR equipment and reflects our dedication to quality. Calright Instruments is your go-to provider for FLIR thermal imaging solutions, whether you’re doing HVAC inspections, energy audits, or troubleshooting electrical systems.

To find out more about FLIR accessories, feel free to contact us today.

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