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We at Calright Instruments provide a carefully chosen range of Extech accessories to suit the varied requirements of experts across several industries. Clamp meters, IR Thermometers, decade boxes for resistance and capacitance, and specialty test leads with Kelvin clips are all part of our inventory. These pieces of equipment provide accurate measurements and diagnostics in engineering, electronics, and other technical fields.

About Our Extech Collection

We’ve chosen our Extech collection with care to make sure you have access to the instruments required for accurate and effective measurement operations. The Extech AN100 CFM/CMM Anemometer, the Extech RH520B Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder, and the Extech LT300 Light Meter, which measures up to 40,000 FC, are all a part of the Extech line up.

Why Get Extech Accessories from Calright Instruments?

Selecting Extech accessories from Calright Instruments is a decision based on dependability and quality. We only provide items from reputable manufacturers like Extech because we recognize how important accurate measurements are to your job. With years of expertise in industry-related domains, our technical experts can provide application help and post-purchase support to make sure you get the most out of your Extech accessories. We also give the finest value for your investment because our collection is reasonably priced.

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