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A wide range of Crystal digital pressure gauges and accessories are proudly provided by Calright Instruments. Being a reputable supplier of precision measurement solutions, we are aware of how crucial dependable and precise equipment is to your day-to-day business. Our Crystal series is made to satisfy professionals who want the utmost in precision and robustness from their tools.

About Our Crystal Collection

The well-known XP2i Digital Pressure Calibrator series, praised for its precision, dependability, and user-friendliness, is available in our Crystal collection. Numerous types are included in the collection to meet a broad range of pressure-measuring requirements. Our collection guarantees you have the proper tool for every project, from the high-capacity 15KPSIXP2I model built for measurements up to 15,000 PSI to the Crystal Engineering 100PSIXP2I Digital Pressure Gauge, perfect for low-pressure applications. The additional durability offered by the Crystal 3696 Protective Boot further protects your investment from the rigors of outdoor use.

Why Get Crystal Accessories from Calright Instruments?

Selecting Calright Instruments for your Crystal digital pressure gauges and related items is a decision that will ensure superior quality, dependability, and outstanding customer service. In order to guarantee that our products function to the highest standards of accuracy and performance, they undergo extensive testing and calibration. Because of our vast expertise in the field, we not only offer excellent measuring solutions but also priceless technical help and direction. When you select Calright Instruments, you will be armed with tools that improve your total productivity, accuracy, and operational efficiency because of our dedication to excellence. 

To find out more about Crystal accessories, feel free to contact us today.

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