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Introducing the HORIBA IG-340 A Handy Gloss Checker

The new IG-340 gloss checker is user-friendly for on site measurements and features an easy to read large display.

Compact, Lightweight and Easy Operation

30% smaller than the previous model the IG-320

Easy to hold and carry by one hand

Gloss values can be easily managed on site with one button one function operation

Environmental Rating 

IP (Ingress Protection) rates at IP42*

Can be used for outdoor gloss measurement such as construction sites, solar panels, ships, trains and buses

Also can be used for stone polishing and other applications where water drops are present 

Large Screen Display

Indicated values can be easily confirmed when IG-340 is placed on the floor during floor cleaning and maintenance works

Internal Memory for Measured and Average Values

 Measured values can be saved with a single touch

Easy operation with one hand using the side button is also available

Average value can be calculated and saved as well

*Equivalent to IP42 when battery cover and USB cover are closed.
IP42 means protection against solid objects of 1mm diameter and greater, and vertically falling water drops when enclosure is tilted up to 15 degrees.
Wiping off water drops on the measurement spots are necessary in order to obtain accuarte value.

Horiba IG-340 Gloss Checker, 60°

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