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Compliance West USA Introduces the MegaPulse 1.2×50/8×20-2PF-HR 2kV High Accuracy Combination Wave Tester

Providing accurate low-voltage combination wave testing

San Diego, CA USA – March 5, 2019 – Today, Compliance West USA announced immediate availability of its MegaPulse 1.2×50/8×20-2PF-HR High Accuracy Combination Wave Tester, providing a solution for manufacturers with custom requirements based on low-voltage, high accuracy, repeatable combination waveforms.

“Testing with high-accuracy combination waveforms from 5V-2000V has been problematic, as no solutions exist in the marketplace. With the introduction of the MegaPulse High Accuracy Combination Wave tester, manufacturers can now purchase a supported solution,with multiplexed outputs to connect to a variety of monitoring equipment. The solution we offer is easily adapted to the manufacturer’s exact requirements,” said Jeff Lind, President.

Multiplexed outputs, solid state waveform delivery

Flexibility in output configuration alows for low loss or four wire outputs, and the USB based software allows connection to monitoring equipment via available multiplex to analyze the output of the device under test when subjected to an automated test sequence. Solid state switches assure transient-free waveform delivery. PASS/FAIL criteria can be judged externally and presented to the user in a file and on the screen.

The tester can deliver a IEC 61000-4-5 compliant combination waveform from 5V to 200V peak in 0.1V steps, and up to 2000 V in 1 V steps at 2Ω or 12Ω impedance at 1 pulse every 20 seconds. An  interlocked external safety circuit and E-stop switch bleed internal charge and can be linked to the available test enclosure. The TestMinder USB communication software allows multi-step waveform delivery with ability to save test sequences. The tester can also be controlled directly via third party software or by PLC.

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