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Compliance West, USA builds innovative HTT-1R Hipot and Ground Bound Function Checker

Compliance West, USA has recognized that safety agencies are demanding more specific function test requirements and designed the HTT-1R to provide a fast, safe and reliable way to verify proper operation of Dielectric Withstand (hipot) and Ground Bond Testers between calibration cycles. These enhanced procedures use actual component values which mimic the product being tested, according to Jeff Lind, president.

“By choosing one of our standard configurations conforming to existing testing parameters, the hipot and ground bond testers in use are checked by realistic component values,” added Lind. “The result is a more accurate test of the compliance equipment.”

HTT-1R tester capabilities include:

  • Verification of three failure modes; open ground, high leakage current and dielectric breakdown.
  • A passing test can be simulated.
  • Designed to test up to 30A ground bond testers using values which simulate actual operations.
  • Tests the leakage current trip function of the hipot tester up to 3000V using one of four standard values.
  • Tests the Arc Detection circuit of the hipot tester.

The HTT-1R is provided with test leads which allow connection to any brand hipot tester which uses a standard NEMA 15A receptacle and banana plug return leads to connect to the equipment being tested. In addition, the HTT-1R manual contains anticipated results and suggests testing procedures.

About Compliance West:
Compliance West USA, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of custom and standard Impulse and Surge Test equipment for laboratory and production verification testing. The company provides safe and reliable testing solutions for a wide range of industries, including medical device manufacturers, telecom, computer technology, solar energy and agencies such as UL, TUV, CSA and NEMKO.

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