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Compliance West USA Announces Availability of the MegaPulse Code 360

San Diego, CA USA – August 6, 2019 – Today, Compliance West USA announced the introduction of their MegaPulse Code 360 Defibrillator Simulator, which mimics the 360J output of the HP Codemaster XL defibrillator. It is designed for production line use and is equipped with Compliance West’s safety package, which disconnects the outputs from internal voltages and shunts internally stored power to ground when the E-Stop button is pressed.

The MegaPulse Code 360 is designed for manufacturers requiring 360J defibrillator output surges in their testing programs who are looking for a more robust and repeatable test generator. This addition to our line of medical surge testers will allow manufacturers to use addressable, calibratable and supported generators in their testing programs,” said Jeff Lind, President.

Defibrillator Pulse generation for test stations
The MegaPulse Code 360 provides a charge voltage of 0-5100V and delivers 360J to an external 50Ω load at a charge voltage of 5000V. The 20 second duty cycle and continuous operation rating will allow manufacturers and CM’s to accurately and reliably source 360J defibrillator output from their test stations.

The MegaPulse Code 360 is available with TestMinder, which allows automated operation and variable voltage output to the device under test. It can also be controlled via USB/Serial commands, allowing for LabVIEW integration. Other available options include a wired remote control, breakout boxes to simplify differential testing, interlocked test enclosures, and vacuum switching for accurate low voltage pulse deliveries.

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