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B&K Precision Product Launch Notice – 9103 & 9104 Multi-Range DC Power Supplies

This relatively new generation of multi-range power supplies automatically recalculates voltage and current limits for each setting, providing 320 W output power in any voltage/current setting within the supply’s rated voltage and current limits. Additionally, the 9103 and 9104 include features such as auto cross-over for constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) operation, 3 voltage/current presets for frequently-used settings and transient operation as well as versatile remote control modes.

Protection features such as built-in OVP (overvoltage protection), OTP (overtemperature protection), and OLP (overload protection) circuitry ensure the safety of the DUT. The analog remote control function allows users to remotely control the power supply’s output voltage and current or to turn the output on/off. Both models feature a USB interface and include PC software for remote control and external timed programming.

B&K Precision 9103 Multi Range DC Power Supply, 0-42V, 20 A

B&K Precision 9104 Multi Range DC Power Supply, 0-84V, 10 A

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