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B&K Precision Official Product Launch – 1696B Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

B&K Precision announces the new 1696B Series Programmable DC Power Supplies. Three new models, 1696B1697B and 1698B, deliver 200 W of affordable and reliable DC power in a compact form factor, making them ideal solutions for a variety of applications in electronics manufacturing and educational settings. Compared to the legacy 1696 Series, these new models feature an improved user interface with dedicated V-set/I-set buttons and a USB interface supporting basic SCPI commands.

In order to safeguard the instrument and the device under test (DUT), the 1696B Series models offer a variety of protection features such as overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP) and overtemperature protection (OTP) circuitry. Free PC software is available and supports list mode (timed programming) setup and measurement logging. Additionally, each model also includes an RS-485 interface for multi-unit control of up to 31 power supplies.

B&K Precision 1696B Programmable DC Power Supply, 1-20 VDC, 0-10A

B&K Precision 1697B Programmable DC Power Supply, 1-40 VDC, 0-5A

B&K Precision 1698B Programmable DC Power Supply, 1-60 VDC, 0-3.3A

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