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B&K Precision Introduces the New 4060 Series, 80/120/160 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

All models feature two independent output channels and a large 4.3-inch color display that shows the currently selected channel along with relevant waveform parameters. The intuitive user interface features a numeric keypad, rotary control knob, and dedicated channel selection keys. Extensive modulation capabilities include amplitude and frequency modulation (AM/FM), double sideband amplitude modulation (DSB-AM), amplitude and frequency shift keying (ASK/FSK), phase modulation (PM), and pulse width modulation (PWM). Standard USB device and host ports are available, as well as optional GPIB connectivity (with USB-to-GPIB adapter AK40G) for arbitrary waveform editing and remote programming.

Unique Features: 

  • High-performance 14-bit, 500 MSa/s, 512k pt arbitrary waveform generator
  • Capable of generating 12 ns width pulses at frequencies down to 0.1 Hz
  • Large adjustable range of pulse rise/fall times from 6 ns to 6 s with very low jitter
Sine Frequency Range 1 μHz – 80 MHz 1 μHz – 120 MHz 1 μHz – 160 MHz
Square Frequency Range 1 μHz – 40 MHz 1 μHz – 50 MHz 1 μHz – 50 MHz

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