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B&K Precision announces the new 4075B Series, Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generators

Compared with the previous 4075 Series, which included four models, the 4075B Series has been expanded to include six models with two new additions; the 4077B and 4080B, single and dual channel 80 MHz models. The new series is packed with versatile features including AM, FM, and FSK modulation capabilities, easy multi-unit/channel synchronization, large flexible arb memory, and fully programmable markers. For PC connectivity, all 4075B Series models include a new standard USBTMC interface while the models 4076B/4079B (50 MHz) and 4077B/4080B (80 MHz) include a standard GPIB interface as well. Last but not least, B&K Precision’s WaveXpress software enables users to easily define and edit arbitrary waveforms, and is available for download free of charge at

B&K Precision 4075B Arbitrary/ Function Waveform Generator, Up to 80 MHz

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