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AEMC Introduces New Cable Transmitter/Receiver Model 6681

The AEMC 6681 is a portable system that includes a transmitter, a receiver, and accessories. Both the transmitter and receiver have large keys and a huge back-lit LCD.

A modulated AC is applied by the transmitter to the circuit that’s to be located – creating a proportional alternating electric field. Also, the transmitter is an AC/DC voltmeter; the measured voltage’s display is accompanied by a symbol warning of the presence of a voltage.Moreover, the transmitter has a function that’s self-test, which indicates good transmission between the transmitter as well as the receiver. The transmitter and receiver units both are inclusive of a flashlight feature that provides assistance to the operator when working in unlit areas that are dark.

The receiver consists of a sensitive sensor that creates a display proportional to the detected electric field. The different variety of this signal, after shaping, processing, and decoding, enables the user to determine where the underground pipes and cables are located, and find any problems in them. Also, the receiver includes a buzzer that could change pitch as a function of the strength of the signal that’s been detected.

AEMC 6681 (2127.85) Cable Locator

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