HVAC Testing Solutions

HVAC Testing Solutions

The Most Accurate Instruments for the HVAC Professional

The HVAC industry is becoming more and more competitive. For TAB (Test and Balance), to differentiate your offering from the competition, it often comes down to service and how accurate your readings are. For laboratory control as well, you just need reliable, accurate instruments that won’t break the bank.

Kanomax provides a complete line of products, from field test equipment to instruments used in the actual test and development of HVAC equipment. Rugged but accurate field instruments for the TAB technician, reliable anemometers and particle counters for development support, and precise monitoring instruments for laboratory environment control – we have it all.

HVAC Testing & Balancing

As we all are aware, conditions are becoming more stringent in the HVAC TAB (Testing and Balancing) Industry. Commercial and residential (rental units) building owners are being expected to guarantee the air quality and safety levels of the air that is being circulated within their buildings.

Laboratory Control

Kanomax provides a wide array of instruments for Laboratory Control applications such as Bio-safety Cabinets (BSC) and Fume Hoods. Our popular ASHRAE-110 compliance fume hood testing. Our trusty climomaster allows you to test up to five different paramaters in your BSC’s and Fume hoods.

HVAC Equipment Development Support

Kanomax provides a full line of instruments to help in the actual development of HVAC equipment-use our instruments in your design/ development phase for precise airflow and air particle measurements.

Handheld Anemomaster Series

Kanomax anemometers can measure a wide variety of parameters to test ventilation rate. The parameters include air velocity, airflow, static pressure, temperature, and humidity of the indoor environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneous measures air velocity and temperature, data logging, telescopic and articulating probe, research-grade instrument at a contractor-friendly price (Model 6036 Series)
  • Various models for air velocity, temperature, and relative humidity; high accuracy, +/- 1%; 40 fpm air velocity sensitivity; store up to 10 different duct sizes (Model 6810 Series)
  • Palm-size and feather-weight standard hot-wire Anemometer (Model 6006)

Climomaster Model 6501 Series

The most accurate hotwire anemometer (in its class) on planet Earth. Just some of its capabilities include: up to 8 interchangeable probes for air velocity, temperature, humidity, and differential pressure.

Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneously measures and displays air velocity, flow rate, humidity, temperature, and differential pressure
  • 8 interchangeable probes are available for various applications
  • Data processing software allows real-time measuring and downloading data to PC

TABmasterTM Capture Hood

Our new Kanomax TABmasterTM is the perfect tool for accurate supply and return airflow measurements. Interchangeable hoods make it a snap to sample the air for any duct size. The unit is lightweight and easy to handle. The full color screen can be tilted so it’s at the optimal viewing angle at any height.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight design makes one-person setup and use easy
  • Competitive, economic price with professional-grade features
  • Five hood sizes make it easy to pick one that fits your duct size
  • 23 to 2500 cfm (40 to 4250 m3/h) measuring range
  • Displays the direction of the airflow as well as the velocity

Wireless HVAC Sensor System

Practical innovation – that’s all it is. Our hands-free solution does just that, it frees your hands. Now you can tinker with the ductwork, make adjustments, etc with both hands. No need to have two hands just to take HVAC readings. Check, change parameters, reset, etc with just one finger, with our Wrist

Features and Benefits

  • Place a small sensor at the point of interest and deliver a stream of continuous measurement data to the Wrist Reporter
  • Wrist Reporter allows user hands free measurement – user might make the necessary damper adjustment or other changes
  • All results are time and data stamped and stored by the data collector

Duct Airflow Measurement

An outstanding simple yet highly accurate, durable and cost effective solution for fixed clean airflow monitoring in ducts and pipes. Flow grids transmit a comparable and repeatable differential pressure proportional to the average airflow.

Features and Benefits

  • No moving parts and minimal maintenance required
  •  compatible manometers and pressure transmitters

Airflow Transducer for Remote Monitoring

Control ventilation and temperature in critical controlled air environment spaces, such as laboratories and clean rooms in order to maintain the integrity of experiments and production processes. Kanomax provides instruments, such as Airflow Transducer Model 6332D for bio safety cabinet face velocity monitoring.
Features and Benefits

  • 10 interchangeable probes are available for various applications
  • The Model 6332D features digital display
  • Selectable output options: 0 to 5 V or 4 to 20 mA

Professional Fume Hood Diagnostic Tools

The ANSI/ASHRAE 110 test is a method of testing the performance of laboratory fume hoods. Kanomax Dif-Kit tracer gas hardware is ideal for use in performing the Tracer Gas test in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110-1995.

Features and Benefits

  • The diffuser is placed in the fume hood and sulfur hexafluoride gas is injected at a supply pressure of 30 psi
  • Anemometer and Test-Mannequin for the
  • Tracer Gas test are available

HVAC Filter Designing

Spot-check right at the source – highly accurate handheld particle counters for checking both return and supply air. At the same time, check airflow and temperature with Kanomax Anemometers. Handheld Particle Counter Model 3887 measures 3 particle sizes simultaneously to provide levels of particulates.

Features and Benefits

  • 0.3 micron minimum sensitivity
  • Handy and easy operation
  • Simultaneous 3 channel particle measurements
  • Easy to download measurements to PC

Multi-Channel Measurements

Kanomax has the right instrument to help with your development of HVAC equipment such as air cooled chillers, air handlers, blowers, complete HVAC systems, etc. Scale up as you see fit – from basic four-channel anemometers to full blown multichannel units capable of over 300 channel monitoring, you just set the parameters and forget it. Our systems will do the rest and monitor to your heart’s content – from airflow, temperature, and humidity.

Multi-Channel AnemomasterTM Model 1550/1560

4-Channel AnemomasterTM Model 1570

Features and Benefits

  • System can be scaled up with modules and probes
  • Up to 320-point multi-measurement system with various probes (Model 1550)
  • Simultaneous measurements of 4 channels of air velocity (Model 1570)
  • 15 interchangeable probes are available for various multi-channel applications

High Temperature Airflow Measurement – up to 932 F (500 C)

With these high-temp probes you could probably measure right inside the combustion chamber! (Please check with Kanomax for application advice)

High Temperature AnemomasterTM Model 6162

The Model 6162 and high temperature air velocity probes allow for precision measurements in environments requiring high heat resistance. This system provides up to 50 m/s of air velocity measurement.

Features and Benefits

  • Air velocity and temperature measurements in 932 F (500 C) environments
  • Easy probe replacement without recalibration of the main unit
  • Store up to 999 measurements
  • RS232C interface, analog output, and remote control terminal equipped


Automotive HVAC development

Quantify your HVAC development efforts to help boost J.D. Power ratings! Amenity Manikin system (shown) identifies passenger hot and cold spots. Multi-channel Anemometer (with sensors) aids immensely in vehicle defroster performance testing. Handheld Climomaster for checking cabin airflow optimization right at the vents.

Amenity Manikin System

The Kanomax Amenity Manikin System is an optimal solution for precise interior cabin comfort evaluation. The system measures parameters, such as air velocity, temperature, humidity, and radiant heat, which all relate to human comfort levels. One mannequin may be equipped with more than 120 sensors, providing sophisticated measurements.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to four mannequins may be measured simultaneously, for complete interior cabin simulation
  • Wireless connection for easy operation
  • Graphical software for both real-time measurement and data retrieval

HVAC Noise Control

Noise reduction of unwanted sound from HVAC equipment provides occupant comfort. Kanomax sound and vibration meters can be utilized for acoustic analysis of HVAC equipment such as outdoor chillers, hydraulic pumps, compressors and many other noisy indoor and outdoor HVAC units.

Sound Level Meter Model 4431

  • Identify the source of structure-borne noises
  • Check fan and engine noise
  • Measure cabin sound levels


Vibration Meter Model 4200

  • Ensure component safety during vehicle operation
  • Pinpoint vibration sources
  • Test effectiveness of attenuation measures


Kanomax Provides Other Outstanding Solutions

General Indoor Air Quality

Measure a variety of parameters important in monitoring and maintaining occupant thermal comfort while helping to assure healthy indoor environments. Kanomax IAQ monitor Model 2211 and Gas Monitors help facility managers to control thermal comfort and to detect sick building syndrome in the building.

Industrial/Occupational Hygiene

Measure parameters including dust concentration, temperature, air velocity, gas concentration, indoor air quality, ventilation performance, pressure differential and humidity to find hazards in occupational environment. Kanomax Piezobalance Dust Monitor Model 3521 and Digital Dust Monitor Model 3443 implement dust exposure testing to protect workers.

Cleanroom Contamination Control

Kanomax cleanroom contamination control products are designed to serve applications from continuous monitoring to certification for any clean environments in the pharmaceutical, electronics, medical, and food industries. Kanomax Cleanroom Monitoring System provides an automated means to monitor and gather airborne particle count and other parameter levels in controlled environments.

Industrial Testing

Industrial testing covers many applications which integrate manufacturers’ research and development processes. Kanomax’s strong experience in measuring solutions can serve for various industry needs. Automotive Cabin Leakage Tester, the cabin comfort testing rig, pressurizes the cabin and measures its leakage rate.

Source: Kanomax

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